Whimsical Paradox

One of my immediate goals this week it to get my goals in order. It sounds ridiculous but there are so many projects out there and even just life’s required tasks, it gets overwhelming. I want to explore what motivates me and keeps the gears turning, always pressing towards growth. Really would it be so terrible to know what sort of game plan to use to accomplish the many wonderful things I learn or hear about, or discover?  Probably not. Now, is it ironic that this project of creating a Goal Achieving System is something I procrastinate on just about everyday?

A dedication to one’s goals is so important when it comes to personal growth, I believe. Dedication in general is vital. Recently in my readings on all things Yoga [sources varying from e-zines, to textbooks, to blogs and newspaper articles] dedication of a practice has come up. Basically that means before you practice your yoga, you take the time to set your intention as a dedication to someone. It’s a very touching and intimate ordeal. The energy you apply as you move into each asana is in the name of that person, moving towards the universe to them and their soul. Be it healing or perhaps simply good-will and well-wishes. Love, even. It’s a connection between two individuals, or perhaps more depending on you dedicate and set these Wills. I’ve dedicated several practices to various people ranging from my father and my coworkers in appreciation to someone I haven’t been able to get along well with. I even ventured so far as to dedicate an open heart towards someone; an invitation to explore my heart through receiving the energy I exert during my practice. Try it. Just try it one time. Pick someone, anyone, for a reason, any reason, and keep them in mind as you flow. Promote selflessness and most importantly, an effort to grow and evolve your spiritual connection with someone.

BooKit:Living Yoga: creating a life practice by Christy Turlington

I’m really enjoying it so far. A large book with detailed pictures of asanas as well as explanations. Christy explains yoga and her experience with it as well as fascinating history not only from her personal account but quotes and texts from ancient textbooks as well as some modern takes from famous yogi around the world. It’s an easy read and great for learning about Yoga’s history as well as a plethora of information and tips regarding creating your own personal practice.




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