Salute the Storm


There isn’t anything I love more than summer storms. Well, that isn’t totally true. Diesel and Yoga and fried Twinkies fromDel’s are up there but you get my point. I adore them and find myself coming to a halt whenever one hits. I grow giddy; excitement pumping through my chest and anticipation as I breathe in the suddenly electric air as I watch the thick clouds roll in. Sometimes it happens quickly and a clap of thunder marks its arrival before the skies open and rain pours. Other times it takes days for the high, thick clouds to build over the earth and lighting is the only indication you have that it isn’t just the end of the world building up in our atmosphere. Maybe that’s why I love summer storms so much. They posses an eerie quality and we as humans feel it deep in our bones like a sort of anxiety before it burst open and unleashes it’s power.


When this morning’s storm started, unrolling my mat wasn’t a problem. I picked a nice spot in front of my sliding doors and threw them open. It was hard to hear the instructions on the tv over the thunder but doing a basic Sun Salutation was manageable. What an insightful practice it ended up being. A change of view or setting during one’s asana flow opens the door to a whole new sort of perspective, as most yogi know. When one draws their attention inward during such times, you explore thoughts and feelings you might not have noticed if it wasn’t for that change.


Working your way through a flow with a storm acting as your visual, an electric charge suddenly comes over you. You feel your skin prickle with that charge, each breath tasting of rain and the pressure in the air around you makes the whole inhale exhale flow noticeably different. You feel charged. You are lighting and you are thunder. You carry force like the winds just outside. Powerful. You feel powerful. You are the storm. And when it’s over, one can’t help but notice the change in attitude and color.

I highly recommend the next time a storm is rolling your way this summer; you grab your mat and Salute the Storm. Capture the lightning’s energy to take with you through out the day. Create a power source as loud as the clapping thunder; shake windows with your force. Be refreshed as rain, and embrace the change in your air. When all is said and done, let your outlook clear like the suddenly blue skies and start anew; pressure free.




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