Diesel does not Approve

While for the most part this piece of communication I have remains unorganized and nearly sporadic, I can’t untangle my want to cultivate it.  Perhaps that persistent feeling helped nudge me toward a change of color on my thumb. Gardening has never been something I’ve even cast a slice of attention towards. My Mother and Grandmothers have all been very talented in maintaining and growing impressive flower, vegetable, herb, and wahthaveyou gardens. They also possess traits of patience and will power, which isn’t what I can say about myself.  A large plot of earth at their disposal probably helped with everything as well.

Or that’s all a load of horse shit and while I can’t control my growth from the obstacles thrown at me, due to what I call the Universe or even Improbability Factor, (depending on my fickle mood and or the person I’m speaking to at that given time) I’m notorious for killing flowers. Even bouquets of flowers given to me or purchased by me decay and rot into a brittle mess of faded colors and reminders of what has been a hell of a lost faster than your average Gifted-Flower-Life-Span-Cycle. This trend is sickening and hard on morale on so many levels for the emotionally wild.

I found a collection of Peach andOrangearranged roses, long petaled flowers, and small white flowers in my possession. I’ve attempted to google and wiki the descriptions of the flowers in order to figure out what the beautiful things were exactly. No avail, unfortunately. After admiring the bursts of oranges and peaches and whites and yellows, it dawned on me I wasn’t ready to let these suckers just curl up and die without a fight on my part.

I’ve heard of the Trick where you toss a couple of pennies in the base of the vase once about an inch of each stem was cut. These particulars flowers having been delivered by a wonderful little boutique (whose delivery guy had a –fantastic- laugh on my behalf sparked by my reaction he explained. Apparently, my deer in head lights look and sudden inability to mutter noises over basic grunts and one syllable “uhhhh”s wrapped up his rather lovely Friday evening. Glad to be of service?) I didn’t think much of cutting them further. After a long debate – I figured what could it REALLY hurt if a bit more was chopped off. This sort of thinking could be why I have such a talent in aiding the coming Death of these plants.

Well, while this intention was all well and good and as much as I adored, spoke to, and thought about the vibrantly colored petals and leaves of my arrangement – I couldn’t deny the fact a brittle End was coming. Life’s way of reminding me What Can You Do About It?

At first, this question is intimidating. A large wall of No and Obstacle that can be overbearing at times; Impossibility and Doubt is what makes up it’s general structure. I was loosing this battle. My flowers were turning despite my following a very helpful guide from Real Simple.

Frustrated with my inability to control life and reminded of the sheer ridiculousness of having a God Complex, I had to expand my options. Scale this wall and figure out a way to somehow beat the system. I started to ponder this.. [i.e.: Searching Pintrest]


Upholding one of my many many theories regarding the Universe, plants suddenly invaded my life. Conversations regarding gardening and plants and methods and philosophies bubbled up during random conversations either at work, with strangers in the check-out line, and even the fantastic staff at the Family Video I frequent alarmingly too often.

Then three small cacti showed up. Succulent Cacti which thrive in the South [temps are already reaching 92 degrees!] and I fell instantly in love. These weird little plants with their awkward growths and many possibilities. [Including Living Wreaths!]  I’m nearly obsessed with the alien looking plants. What’s even better, I honestly think I can keep these suckers alive for longer than a season. That’s saying quite a bit, too.

And Returning to…:

So let’s fast forward. I cut, groomed, tended, talked to, nurtured, loved, and even begged but the Turn was taking place on my pretty flowers. I refused to let this go though. Two methods became my focus and are current projects. The first came about in a completely unrelated way, at least unrelated in the aspect of strictly gardening. Wanting to some how relate a message whose words I can’t find, the idea of Pressing the flowers bloomed and was easy to decide to roll with. Pressing flowers is something I love to do. Maybe it’s in my blood from Old Country or perhaps it’s just a quirk. Very rarely do I actually partake in the act but this is one of those times; one of those Worth it times. I’d kill two birds with one stone. Press and save the meaningful flowers and compose that letter without even having to fight the battle of locating the correct words.

Here Is a really great walk through on how to preserve and press flowers. I did not follow this method. In fact, I’m not all that certain how well my pressing will even go. Being a sudden light bulb moment or Aha! Moment as I call them if you know me on a personal level, the act of pressing my flowers was sudden and a whim. As with all these ideas, I reacted and simply got to work with the materials directly in my vision and reach.

First I cut the stem away so all I really had were the bulb and petals. Next I took a zip lock plastic bag since I could never remember to buy wax paper – which would have been my first choice, regardless of what the guide in the link says. Wax Paper ftw!

Carefully setting the flowers in, I covered the other side with another zip lock plastic bag and began the pressing process. Using several Yoga textbooks I’m not working through, my File box, and more textbooks – I created my Press. That’s it as far as my plan. Check under the contraption in about three weeks, maybe two depending on my Patience.

Now being as paranoid as I am about messing up my own Creations and Ideas – I couldn’t just settle with just one method. In case the Pressing doesn’t work or I fark it up – I also picked out some choice stems and tied them together using ribbon. Then I tied them up (hanging upside down) and am going to dry them out. Now the color certainly won’t hold as well as Pressing but this Air-Drying method is usually what I do to save my flowers. It’s the Panda Express compared to Pressing’s P.F.Chang’s in my opinion. Both of which I adore.

The results aren’t in yet seeing as how I started this particular venture early this afternoon. I’m excited about how they’ll turn out and will probably think of what to even Do with the lot of it when all is said and done. No need to sweat that now, however.

Ahhkay. Let’s see. Both my Mother and Father’s birthdays are this Memorial Weekend. A family dinner partaking tomorrow which shall include French badminton, Awkward and Embarassing stories for everyone (as with all Large/Extended Gatherings), and of course delicious food. My father has reached the great and mysterious 60 which is mind-blowing for his youngest daughter. Dad is the coolest person I know and I hope my Mom doesn’t try to hide behind the party she’s throwing for him. Her birthday having passed a day before his; She’s good at letting that fact slip but I’ll be sure to burst that bubble in the form of a loud and obnoxious copyrighted performance of Happy Birthday. No singing actually included. I do not sing. I was thinking maybe a rap and interpretive dance. I’ll have to see if I can employ my older and much more graceful sister into this scheme. Or I could simply give my Mom the birthday gift I’ve been really –really- excited about despite it’s simplicity.

I have no last philosophical questions to throw out. This week has been about being selfish and reflective about my own ponderings and self discoveries. I do want to nudge you over to my favorite blog who has updated despite an absence. Also, how can I keep a puppy/dog from eating my Baby Toes without spraying chemicals? All natural or zilch is how I’m handling this.


–         Howl [R] James Franco and a bunch of others. A biopic centering on Allen ginsberg’s poem Howl and the trial that followed. Artfully filmed, very different from anything I’ve seen before. Fast paced with quite a bit of animation between beautiful scenes in a courtroom (with an ALWAYS sexy John Hamm) and Franco’s Allen’s home as he explains what/why he wrote. Awesome movie.

Crunch: Candlelight Yoga [NR] Although the introduction to Crunch is horrifying with it’s large reminder of how uncool the early ’00s actually were – the yoga flow itself is really great. The first time I tried it, I was skeptical but fell quickly into pace and the right mind set after a few moments. The instructor has a pleasant and calming voice and her instructions are easy to follow for any experience level. That being said, anyone could try this. They even have a woman doing all alternative moves incase you’re stiff or not quite as flexible/ready for the actual flow.

Newly Obsessed With:  WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE???????




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