Title Rejected

Another sarcastic or sappy sentence to start off the rolling of events.

Each line another cliché, waiting for assurance and the push to continue

Throw in a “just like” something gloomy, obvious and pathetic.

But what would you do with out a question mark?

And what are you to do in times like these?

When your broken shoes are in the dirt, socks wiggling with the self-disrespect you float in.

There they sit, eyeing you just like they invented the glare and all its glory.

Why is just the question they all breathe, ragged breath and closing throats.

Why would you? Why would you not?
The sorrow continues here, throw out a pathetic



Mix of words that all mean sad.

Find the missing x to my theory.

The answer goes next, so obvious and to the point

Followed by a statement that throws them for the loop.

To add length and depth,

Purpose and meaning

, Want and desire,

Desperation and need,

Humor to bring it back the darkest shade of purple moods
If the lifter of the mood that has settled like thick polluted snow doesn’t show,

They, they, they, just all grasp the moment with void to make my unanimated object jealous

If x is the answer to our missing piece, lets square your thoughts then divide them by the hypocrisy

She’s bereaved, broken and blue, dejected and dripping with doleful downcast.

X is the boy. There’s your answer, shiny and unchanging. Sometimes even having great hair.

Or is he y? It was a trick question, followed by the sly of a smile and eyes so coy.

Baby girl has tricks

The different choices we have to make, effected by the applause or jeers all in your head.

Do you see what we’ve done?

As a group you can be an individual, at home you think like them.

Alone and lame. The need that drives and makes your limbs tingle, push you off the edge of reasoning

The inhale that burns, the toes that curl, This isn’t sex my friend, its curtain call of sanity.
Now here sit’s the one liner,

To pull in the witty swagger

And cover the over emotional hoodie of mutilation.

Another question for that deep feel of the kiddy pool

Toss around an ironic obvious, And a quote form a song, to keep the copyright from being as original as your thoughts.

Copy paste my friend, copy paste your trends and hair.

Copy paste your feelings

Copy paste your meaningless dribble of a half-formed thought

Such a sad potential will be lost

And you thought you tried.
We thought we could pull it together

Procrastinate like they laid it on thick in the halls of education

Go ahead, stick it to them my darling

Where do you go from here? Walking backwards and facing the wrong way makes the delay of the point.

No no no, baby girl, you’re at your best.

Toss the silky locks over your shoulder

Go out, intoxicate the stars with your caked on eyes

The eyes you had used to witness truth Truth of something as simple as a mirror

You and you choose to be blind.
Go ahead and giggle,

Save face, save time, save your life.

Carbon copies taste better at night when the pile of your personality lies on the floor

Brush, touch, and bite your way to victory

Let him drink you in, take you away

Join the rest of the Reject Alices

In a knock-off Wonderland named

Go ahead, you’re a legend with your friends.

The friends whose eye sight is the same as your own

Blind to the Mirror By choice baby girl.

By choice.



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