The B Team

Maybe I should get around to introducing myself. A bit of stats to get going!

B. Born upon the 28th of September a good 22 years ago. A fair and justice fueled Libra.

I’m Brandi, or fondly refered to as B or “Hey you, standing there! Yeah, you!” or even Kid from my parents. I’m creative and maybe a little off beat from the drum of society (who isn’t?!) I’m proud of who I’m growing into as I attempt to figure this whole life thing out. Clumsy, a little (a lot. I’m lying. A Lot. A LOT) anxious and notorious for setting goals that are unattainable. That’s the beauty of life though. You get to make mistakes and the end result will always be a lesson or experience. Now, it might not always be the lesson or experience you thought you would take from it, but it’s th component you needed according to the Universe. If you believe in that kind of stuff.

I’m an open heart and mind. I am accepting you and more importantly, I am accepting myself. A Salon Co-Ordinator at the moment in a sunny North Texas who spends more than I have but creates even more. A people person in a twisted way. A blogger and piss poor writer who refuses to give up. A daughter, sister, cousin, friend, stranger and a list of endless titles. Happy. Happy and hopeful is what I am.

What are you?

What I want atm: I’m working towards (read: saving) obtaining my Yoga Instructor Certification. To pass Finances 101, find self balance and focus. Maybe reach a few unreachable souls and to laugh. Always to laugh.

So why blog?

Well, why the hell not? Blogs are something I’ve always enjoyed reading, writing, and reviewing. A social platform that is as open as you want and a soap box if you need it. Don’t agree with what I have to say? Tell me. Let’s talk. We’ll both walk away with a new perception and ideas we wouldn’t have had otherwise. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, you can always hit that Back button or even that little x in the top right of your screen. I like to blog. Blogging makes me happy. Being happy is one thing you should never rob a person of. Happy = Good. Be Happy. Do what you love. I have a theory that success will follow. Maybe together we can test that theory out. I’m certainly going to try with TxNamasted.



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