I really started writing in middle school, short stories or a short play with a handful of scenes. The ending never seemed to take place though. This is also about the time a lot of things changed, as they do for everyone at this prudent age range. For me personally, I started to have anxiety induced episodes stemmed from being over-stressed. Just small panic attacks or anxiety fueled thoughts.  Few and far between but happening none the less.

It was the foundation on which I started basing major decisions. When I entered the dizzy realm of young adult-hood, it wasn’t so smooth. Still experiencing short episodes of insomnia or anxiety here and there, it got to the point where even the most mundane and simple task was daunting and over-ridden with stress. No human should be so stressed they’re shedding levels raise alarm with whoever is sharing the bathroom with you.

No, it’s a toxin that stems every illness, negative thought and action, and ultimately – at least in my opinion – death. That and the stress induced headaches I was starting to have more often than I wasn’t. What was this bullshit? A stroke waiting for me at thirty-five? Uh, no.  I’ve spent the last 4+ years running around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex like an insane woman. It was time to figure out a way to a) stop and b) re-install brakes on this carnival ride Life.

My big break came in the form of a DVD from the angel messenger that was my boyfriend’s Mother. GAIAM Power Yoga: Total Body with Rodney Yee. WHEW! I was hooked. Instantly!  Dubbed myself a Yogi in Training and would Practice the Art of Yoga with respect, and honor, and and…

I really liked it, okay? I swore up and down this was for me and I would dedicate myself to it. Get my stuff straight and figure out how you were supposed to manage this stress nonsense.

Now, I broke all those promises within a week and didn’t even bat an eyelash toward the idea of practicing until months later. Then I got back into the swing of things. I started smaller with an easier commitment bar. No point in again biting off more than I could possibly chew. I might have been athletic and in relatively alright shape in high school years, but that declined rapidly with my life style and choices in the few years following.

Allowing Mr. Yee to lead the way since he had such a fantastic bu-way of instructing, I had a Target coupon  (this was probably around the time I decided to dip my hand into the coupon game – albeit fluked) in hand and I was STOKED! Something close to $5.00 off of a GAIAM product so long as it was over fifteen dollars, my coupon said. Well, hot damn. They had a nifty box my mom got one of my older sisters for x-mas for n00bs just like me! A whole friggen kit! DVD, yoga mat, strap, and block.  actually a pretty legit set up if you’re looking to tip your toe into the practicing of yoga. I digress

Then my deal was sealed. I was hooked and calm! An honest to God moment of peace and alignment of my body, my soul, and my mind. I was ready to battle whatever thrashed its way towards me in life. That’s why I do yoga. It makes me happy. It de-stresses me. There’s a billion + benefits  (Here is a link to a very brilliant blog I’m addicted to that can prove it too! Werd.)

The cherry on top: Yoga helped me find the tools to write again. Write endings to stories, rants, poems, or whatever. Thoughts. Blog posts. I think that’s an important thing in the de-stressing process. Finding that thing that can build you a platform for what it is you love. In my case –  A silly blog with the potential to be a home to DIY projects, tutorials, discussions, rants, thoughts, quotes, music… A flow of creative media and maybe a chance to turn on someone else’s light. Or help them find their path to their Aha-Moment!

What caused your Aha!-Moment? Yoga? Pilates maybe? Hey, I’ve never personally tried it but just about everyone I know has mention P90X. What did you think?

Or maybe you’re one of them Runner’s High  People?

You guys are bananas.



It took me: WAY long to pump this out. Three drafts. Two days. Lots of cucumber water, and lovin’/potty-breaks with my bebehs

I listened to: My Pandora – Shuffling the following Artist Stations

Not gonna lie, I was Googling: CROCKPOTS (DO want!)

And a last-minute add-on fun bonus pack:

For real-for real. I want to make plans for this.


Um, because I’m on a music kick atm: Listen to this. Seriously.


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