A Compass Rose to Get Started

All Babbling Outlets!

Welp, there is a source of interest or at least time killers. On the TXNamasted fb – you will find quotes, pictures, updates, and directions to all sorts of neat things.. I mean once it actually gets running. The twitter account is my own personal and very rarely used although that is one platform I really shouldn’t ignore.  And any Pinner knows  – well, pinning is awesome. If you aren’t addicted to it then you should get addicted to it. I’ve found so many wonderful and eye opening pins. Let me share those with you – just follow me. Finally, Good Reads will play a large part in this blog seeing as how literature plays a HUMONGUS role in my life.  Everyone should read, old to young, fat to skinny, unintelligent to Sheldon(!).  Google the benefits of picking up even a light read if you don’t believe me.


Okay now, what do YOU think? Can you not stop summing up your every thought and move in less than 160 characters? How much status updating is too much? How many hours of your day are dedicated to pinning, if even by accident? (I won’t tell if you won’t!) What are you reading?!

Let me know!




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